FourPlays: ABCD

TheatreWorks is proud to present FourPlays: ABCD, conceived and directed by Vertical Submarine, TheatreWorks Associate Directors.

Known primarily for their work as visual artists, Vertical Submarine made their first theatre piece, DUST – A Recollection, with TheatreWorks in 2011 and it was well-received by both audience and critics alike.

“Foreplay was a French invention” -Ricardo Piglia

FourPlays: ABCD is inspired by a series of conversations between brother and sister, between a prostitute and her customer, between a man and his lover, between a traitor and his confidante. All the stories take place in a room, bedroom or dining room and the dialogues will be taken from three important 20th century Argentine writers: Roberto Arlt, Jorge Luis Borges and Julio Cortazar and one French writer, Marguerite Duras. Hence, Arlt, Borges, Cortazar and Duras (A,B,C,D). Aside from the alphabetical coincidence, all the stories reflect the impossibility of human relationship; the impossibility of dialogue.

Advisory 16 and Above (Some Sexual References)

Similar to some of Vertical Submarine’s previous projects such as Decomposition II (2008), Analogic (2009), Dust: A Recollection (2011), this performance will take the form of a reading.

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