About TheatreWorks


About TheatreWorks

TheatreWorks (Singapore) was established in 1985. Under the artistic direction of Ong Keng Sen, it is an international performance company based in Singapore known for its reinvention of traditional performance through a juxtaposition of cultures, along with its cutting edge productions that set new benchmarks for artistic excellence. Its works reflect a concern with cultural negotiation and artistic exchanges with artists, through a network of traditional and contemporary artists from different disciplines.

Since 2005, TheatreWorks has assumed residence at 72-13 on Mohamed Sultan Road. Formerly a rice warehouse, 72-13 is an arts space flexible enough to be a gallery, cinema or theatre. Its primary purpose is to encourage collaborations and dialogue; house residences from creatives around the world; aimed to encourage hybrid creative expressions from young Singaporeans. Initiatives include the Creative-in-Residence (CIR) programme that supports creatives/artists from across disciplines: contemporary performance, documentary film, fashion, new media, visual art and others.

TheatreWorks, in response to the needs of the Singapore creative scene, has consciously created 72-13 to have a wider and a more inclusive agenda and to present innovative and engaging artists who have yet to be seen in Singapore, exposing the Singapore audience to a wider range of works and to be a bridge between Singapore artists and the international artistic community.

TheatreWorks is a recipient of the National Arts Council’s Major Grant FY2012.

Click here for TheatreWorks Website

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